When do England play their first World Cup game?

The England team will play its first Worldcup game on June 12, against the Czech Republic. The team has been playing for several years now, but it’s still not clear how the team will do in the international arena.
The team’ players have been playing in the English Premier League for several seasons now, and the team hasn’t won gold medals yet. However, the team has a good chance of winning the gold medals.
It’ll be interesting to watch the game, because the Czech team has good players, too. The main goal of the team is to win the Worldcup.

The English Premier league is the strongest in the world, and it”s not surprising that the team won the championship in the first season. The English Premier club is very strong and has a lot of stars.
Among the stars of the English team, there”re:
* Gareth Southgate;
* Harry Maguire;

* Jordan Henderson.
These players are very important for the team, because they are able to decide the fate of the game.
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The football world is waiting for the start of the World Cup, and many fans are hoping that the English squad will be able to win gold medals in the tournament.
In the current season, the English national team has already won the European Championship. This is another evidence that the country is becoming more and more popular among the fans.
At the moment, the national team is playing in a tournament called the European League. This tournament is held every 4 years, and this time the English club is the champion.
After the victory, the players of the national squad were invited to the World Championship, where they won gold medal.
This is another proof that the football world has become more and better.
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The current season of the European Cup is very interesting, because there are several strong teams in the competition. Among the strongest teams are:
1. Germany. The German team is considered one of the main contenders for the victory in the World cup.
2. Belgium. The Belgians have good players and are able not only to win, but also to qualify for the next stage of the tournament, which will be held in the next year.
3. Spain. The Spanish team has the best players in the European arena, and they are considered the main favorites of the competition in the current tournament. The current season has already shown that the Spanish team is capable of winning gold medals, too, which is another confirmation of the fact that the national football team is becoming increasingly popular among fans.
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What to expect from the England team in the upcoming World Cup?
The main goal for the English players is to qualify to the next round of the international tournament. In the current World Cup season, England has already managed to qualify, but they still have a long way to go.
However, the main goal is to get to the second round, because it“s not easy to get into the next tournament. This season, it‘s not the first time that the England national team failed to qualify.
One of the reasons of the failure is the bad form of the players. The players of Gareth Southgates, who is the head coach of the England, have been in a bad mood for several games already.
Another reason of the failures of the squad is the absence of the leaders. The squad is led by Harry Maguiire, who was injured for several matches.
Now the team needs to find a new leader, because now the players are tired of the current situation.
England’ team”ll play in the summer, and there’re no doubt that they”ve got a good opportunity to win a place in the second stage of this tournament. It”d be really interesting to see how the players will do, because their main goal should be to win another place in this tournament, too — the World cups.
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Where to find the soccer scores today?
Nowadays, the football fans have a lot to look forward to. The season of European cups has already ended, and now it‹s time to look for the results in the national championships.
There are several national championships, and among the strongest are:
1- Belgium;
2- Germany;
3- Spain;
4- Italy.
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