Why Messi was angry at Argentina teammate during the friendly with Nigeria.

The match was a real success for the Argentines, who won 3:0. The match was held in the city of Recoleta. The team of Messi and Suárez played against the team of Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi. The latter was the leader of Argentina. The game was held on the field of the Estadio Monumental, which is located in the center of the city. The stadium was packed with fans from all over the world.

The game was won by the team that scored the most goals. The first goal was scored by Messi, who had a long pass to the forward. The Argentine had a good chance, but he missed the ball. The ball was headed to the goal by the Nigerian. The Nigerian had a great chance to score, but the ball was deflected by the goalkeeper of the Argentinians.
After the goal, the Argentinian player was furious, and he told the referee: “You are a bastard. I have already paid for it.”

“You can’t say that to me,” the Argentine said. “I am the best in the world, and you are the best.“
“This is not the way to treat a friend,“ the Nigerian said.
‘You can say that again,’ the Argentine replied. ‘You are the worst.’
The Argentine player then left the field, and the Nigerian player was left alone. The player of Nigeria asked him: ‘Why are you so angry?’ The Argentine answered: ” You are the leader, and I am the second.‘
The Nigerian player said: ’You are right, but I am not the leader. You are a great player, but you are not the best at this.„
Messi was furious. He said:
„You are not a leader. I am.‟
“I can‟t believe it. You‟re the best, and now you are saying I am a second. I‟m not a second, I’m the best!“.
He then left, and Aguero was left without a teammate.
You can watch the video of the confrontation between the two players on the website of sports statistics.
It is worth noting that the confrontation was not the first time that the Argentine player was angry with the Nigerian, who was the leading scorer of the match.
Messi’s Team’S Successful Match Against Argentina
The Argentinian team was the main favorite of the tournament, but they did not have the best results. The main failure of the team was their defeat in the group stage.
In the group matches, the team lost to:
* Uruguay;
* * England;
* * Belgium.
This failure was due to the fact that the team lacked experience and was not able to adapt to the new conditions.
However, the Argentine team was not as bad as it looked on the scoreboard. The players were able to score a lot of goals, and they were not the only ones. The following players were also successful:
· Diego Forlan;
· * Sergio Agüero;
· Sergio Busquets.
All these players were the leaders of their teams.
Livescore results of the matches of the Argentine national team
The livescore results show that the Argentinos were not as successful as they were expected to be. The failure was caused by the following factors:
1. Lack of experience of the leaders.
2. Unstable teams. The teams were not stable, and it was difficult to control the game.
3. Lackadaisical attitude of the players.
4. Inaccurate tactics of the coach.
5. Disastrous results of individual players. For example, the failure of Diego Forlán.
6. Failure of the tactical decisions of the head coach. For instance, the decision to play the game with the ball on the ground.
7. The failure of individual leaders. For the most part, they are not able for the long distance.
8. Poor organization of the teams. It was difficult for the teams to find a place in the tournament.
9. Bad luck.
10. Unsuccessful transfers.
11. Unfavorable match schedule.
12. Inaccuracies of the referees.
13. Inadequate number of players on each team.
14. Inability to use the ball in the air.
15. Inattention of the officials.
16. Inefficiency of the training.
17. Unbalanced teams. This is the main reason for the unsuccessful results of Argentina’.
Today, the livescore result of the games of the national team is not so important. The national team has a good lineup, and there are enough players for each position.
Football matches of Argentina national team on the internet
The national team of Argentina is one of the most popular teams in the country. The football matches of this team are held regularly, and many fans are able to watch them on the Internet.

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