Why does everyone hate Paul Pogba?

It’s easy to understand why the French midfielder is hated by the fans. He is a typical example of a player who doesn’t always do his best and sometimes just doesn”t show his best game.

The reason for this is the fact that Pogba is not a good defender. He often leaves the field and doesn‘t always take the initiative to get into the attack. He also lacks a good understanding with the goalkeeper. This results in a lot of missed chances and a lack of desire to score.
The French player is a good striker, but he is not the best in the world. This is why he is considered to be a failure by many people.
This is not surprising, because the player has been in the team for only a few years. He has not been able to establish himself in the starting lineup, so he has been forced to play in the reserve.
So, what can we learn from this situation?

1. You can’’ see the best players in the squad.
2. The coach knows how to use the squad and make the best use of each player.
3. The players have the opportunity to play together.
4. The team has a good balance of power.
5. The club has a long bench.
6. The fans are always ready to give their support.
7. The transfer window is open.
8. The squad has a lot to offer.
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The latest news from the EPL table
The EPL is a very interesting championship. It is a competition where the teams fight for the title. The last season was very successful for Manchester City and Liverpool. The Citizens won the title for the second time in a row and managed to do it without the help of the previous season’.
However, the team has many problems. The main one is the lack of motivation. The previous season, the Citizens were in a very bad mood and didn’ t show their best game, which led to the defeat in the final.
In the current season, many of the problems of the Citizens have been solved. The following are the main reasons for this:
1) The coach has managed to find a good lineup.
Many of the players have already become more experienced and are able to help the team in the fight for gold medals.
Thanks to this, the club has become a real contender for the champion title.
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In addition, the current campaign has shown that the Citizens are able not only to win the title, but also to fight for it. In the current EPL season, Liverpool has become the main contender for winning the title again.
Of course, the Reds have a lot more problems than Manchester City. However, the main one of the teams is the motivation. If the team is in a good mood, they will fight for every point.
Liverpool’ fans have a good chance to win gold medals again. They have a long and successful history in the EFL Cup and are ready to do their best to win it.
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Live football results of other top European championships
The current season of the Champions League is very interesting. The tournament is divided into two stages. The first one is called the group stage, where the best teams fight it out for the right to enter the next stage, the knockout stage.
At the moment, the strongest teams are:
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Real Madrid.
Each of these teams has a very good lineup, which can play in any of the matches of the group.
Barcelona and Real are the most likely candidates for winning a place in the next round. The Catalan club has the following advantages:
· well-developed lineup;
· high motivation;

· good teamwork.
Juventus is also a good candidate for winning gold medals, but the team doesn“t have the same lineup as Barcelona.
If the team manages to improve its lineup, it will be a real threat to the favorites.
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Latest football results from all over the world
The season of football has just started, so it is not possible to say that the fans will be able to see a lot changes in the results. However it is still possible to follow football results.
One of the most interesting competitions is the Champions league. This season, it is interesting to watch the matches between the strongest clubs. The most popular teams are Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester City, who are considered the main contenders for the victory in the tournament.
These clubs have a very well-balanced lineup, but they are not able to play at the same level. The reason for that is the bad form of the leaders, who have not been playing for a long time.

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