Why did Jones play ahead of Smalling against Arsenal? One theory is van Gaal’s fault

Why did Jones play ahead of Smalling against Arsenal? One theory is van Gaal’s fault. The Dutchman often plays Smalling ahead of Jones, but Jones is not a natural fit for the position.

However, the main reason for Jones’s selection is the fact that he is a key player for the club. He is the main scorer of the team, and the Dutchman needs to choose the best striker for each match.
The situation is not very good for the team in the current season, but the main thing is to improve the results. The team has to play not only for the Champions League, but also for the Premier League.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season is already in full swing, and there are several interesting matches ahead. The main intrigue is the battle for the champion title. The players of Manchester City have already won the title, but they are not in the best shape.
This season, the team has not been able to show its maximum. The previous season, it was the main contender for the title. However, the season was disrupted by the scandal, which led to the resignation of the club’s head coach.
In the current campaign, the players of the Citizens are in a bad shape, too. They have not been playing at their maximum level for a long time. This is the reason why the team is not able to win the champion’s title.
However the team still has a chance to win it. The following factors can help it to achieve this goal:
1. Great selection of players. The club has a good selection of strikers, defenders, and midfielders. The coach has also chosen the right partners for each position. This allows the team to play at its maximum level.
2. Good teamwork. The squad is united and works well together.
3. Good results. Manchester City has already won several trophies, and it is still a contender for winning the champion’s title. This season, they have already managed to win several matches, which is a good result for the whole team.
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Live Results of Manchester United Matches
The current season of the English Premier League is very interesting. The struggle for the championship title continues, and now the main contenders for the victory are Manchester United and Liverpool.
These teams have a lot of advantages over their competitors. For example, the following factors make it possible to win:
* Excellent selection of team players. This can be seen from the fact the team includes several stars of the Premier league.
* Good teamwork of the players.
Both teams have the same number of players, so they can quickly switch positions. This makes it possible for them to play against each other.
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Team’ Results in the Current Season
In this season, Manchester United has not shown its maximum in the English championship. The current campaign has been disrupted by several scandals, which have led to a number of resignations of the head coach Jose Mourinho.
Despite the fact, that the team managed to show a good performance in the previous season. It was not able, however, to win any trophies. The reason for this is the following:
The team had not been in the strongest shape for a number years.
During the current year, the situation has improved significantly. The problems of the previous year are now solved, and Mourinho’s team is in a good shape. This fact can be clearly seen from its results.
Now, the club is in the leading position of the standings. It is now clear that it will not be easy for Mourinho’s players to catch up with the leaders of the Old Trafford.
Manchester United has a number advantages over its rivals:
· Good selection of the best players. Mourinho has chosen the best performers of the current team. This helps the team achieve a high level of performance.
· Good teamwork between the players, which allows the coach to quickly switch the positions of the teams.
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Why the Current EPL Season is Interesting
The English Premier league is one of the most exciting championships in the world. This year, it promises to be even more interesting.
Among the main intrigues of this season are the following ones:
• Champions League. The competition for the right to enter the next stage of the tournament is intense. This competition is especially intense in the Champions league zone.
• FA Cup. This tournament is very important for the teams that are in the top positions in the standings of the league. The cup is the most prestigious trophy in the country.
At the moment, the English league is in an excellent shape. The teams are in an extremely good shape, and this is reflected in the results they achieve.
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