The answer to Arsenal’s 13-year problem

The Gunners have been at the top of the English Premier League for 13 years. They have won the title for a record 13 consecutive seasons. The Gunners are the main contenders for the title again. They are also in the fight for the coveted Champions League places.
However, the team has a long way to go to win the coveted trophy. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The team is in the middle of the Championship, and the main goal is to get into the top 4.
The team is not in the best shape, but it is still possible to turn things around. Arsenal has a number of options to do this. The first and most obvious option is to sign a new star player. The club has a lot of options in this regard.
For example, the following players can be signed:
* Granit Xhaka;
* Lukas Podolski;
* Lukasz Piszczek.
It is also possible to buy new players, but they will have to prove themselves in the Premier League. The second option is strengthening the team’s positions. The current team has the following weaknesses:
1. Weaknesses in the defense. The squad is very weak in the center of the field. The problem is that the team is very good in the attack.
2. Weakness of the team in the wide positions.
3. Lack of motivation of the players.
In order to strengthen the positions, the club can buy new stars. However, the main problem of Arsenal is the fact that they are not in a good shape. It is very difficult to buy a new player who will immediately become a star.

The club can also buy new leaders. However it is very important to choose the right players. The players who are not able to show their maximum in the team have a negative effect on the whole team.
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Who will be the main favorites of the Champions League?
The season of the European Cup is in full swing, and it is already obvious who will be able to take the trophy. It all starts with the Champions Cup.
This year, the competition is very intense, and many teams are in a serious struggle for the victory. The teams that are not at the very top of their game can be the favorites of this tournament.
Among the favorites, we can distinguish the following teams:
• Barcelona;
• Liverpool;
· Bayern;
and, of course, the current champion.
Barcelona is the main favorite of the tournament. The Catalans have a very good squad, which is able to play at the highest level. The coach Ernesto Valverde has a good team, which can play at a high level.
Of course, this is not enough for a champion title, but the team still has a chance. The following factors can help it to win:
· Excellent selection of players;
– Individual skills of the leaders;
– Tactical flexibility of the coach.
All of these factors will help the team to win.
What are the chances of the ‘Barcelona’ to win?
Barça has a very difficult season. The previous season, the Catalans were the main contender for the champion title. However this time, they are far behind the leaders.
Many fans and experts think that the Catalons will not be able win the Champions league. However there is a good chance that the club will be in the final stage of the competition.
First of all, the coach ErnestoS Valverdes has a strong team. The key players of the club are:
● Lionel Messi;
● Cesc;
▪ Jordi Alba;
○ Jordi Cruyff;
The main goal of the Catalonians is to win at least one trophy of the elite division.
If the team manages to achieve this, it will be a great achievement for the coach and the players of Barcelona.
Will the “Liverpool” be able not only to win a trophy of this year, but also to win in the next season?
This time, the Reds are in the strongest position of the season. They play in the Champions, which means that they will be very active in the transfer market.
Despite the fact, that the season is already over, the fans and analysts are expecting a lot from the team. This is especially true for the following reasons:
□ Excellent selection;
♣ Individual skills;
♦ Tactical flexibility.
Liverpool has a great squad. The most important players of it are:;
1) Sadio Mane;
2) Mohamed Salah;
3) Roberto Firmino.
These players are able to make the team a real force.
Also, the players have a good understanding with the coach Jurgen Klopp. The German coach always gives his players the necessary time to rest and get used to the new game.
At the moment, the Liverpool is in a very strong position. The season is still in the early part of the championship, and this means that the Reds have a lot to do.

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