Is ‘the mistake of my life’ comment aimed at Jose Mourinho or Manchester United?

The Portuguese coach has been in charge of the Red Devils for almost two years now. He has won the Champions League and the Premier League. But the last season was not a success for the team, as they lost the Champions Cup final.

However, the Portuguese coach managed to get the best out of the team. He managed to find the right combinations of players and find the best way to play. This is what makes him so successful.
It is worth noting that the team was very weak in the transfer market, so it is easy to find a good player for the club. Jose Mourinho is a good example of such a coach.
The mistake of the coach
Jose Mourinho is considered to be one of the best coaches in the world. He won the Portuguese Super Cup in the season 2009. In the last year, he managed to win the Champions league.
This season, the Red devils are not as strong as they were in the previous season. It is worth highlighting that the main reason for this is the transfer ban. The team was forced to sell players to buy new ones.
However the team still managed to finish in the top 4. It can be said that the coach managed not to make mistakes and he did not make too many of them.
Jose has managed to make the team stronger, but there are still some problems that he needs to solve. For example, the lack of motivation of the players.
They want to win trophies, but they do not want to lose points. It will be very difficult to do this, as the team needs to find its game.
Manchester United needs to improve its results, because the team is now very vulnerable. The Red devils have a lot of problems, so they need to find solutions to them. This will help the team to get out of its current situation.
Who is the main favorite of the season?
The main favorite for the title is the Red, but the team has a lot to improve. The main problem of the club is the lack in motivation. The players are not in the best mood, as Mourinho himself said.
Another problem is the injuries of some of the leaders. This affects the team’s game. It has been said that Jose Mourinho has managed not only to improve the results of the Manchester United, but also to get rid of the problems of the previous seasons.
In the last few years, the team did not win the Premier league, but it managed to qualify for the Champions cup. This was a great achievement for the Red.
What are the main challenges for the Mourinho team?
There are a few problems that the Mourinho’ team needs solving. They are:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Lack in form of the main stars.
3. Lack the right players for the matches against the stronger teams.
4. Lack a good coach. Mourinho is the best coach in the Premier, but he does not have the right to decide the fate of the games.
All these problems can be solved if the team can find a new coach. The previous coach left the team and he was replaced by Mourinho.
Will the team be able to win again?
It will be difficult to win a title again, but this season the team managed to do it. The problem for the coach is that he has a long way to go. It seems that the Red will not be able not to lose, because they have a good lineup, which is not easy to replace.
For the team this is a chance to win gold medals. This season, Manchester United has a good chance of winning the Champions club. The club needs to strengthen the lineup, because it is now the best in the league. The Mourinho team is a great example of how to play in the Champions.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here you will find the latest information about the matches of the teams. It also provides the schedule of upcoming matches and the results.
New season of the English Premier League
The new season of English Premier league has started. This time the main favorites of the tournament are Manchester United and Liverpool. The teams are the best representatives of the Old and New England.
Both teams have a long and intense struggle for gold medals in the tournament. The leaders of the clubs are:
* Jose Mourinho;
* Jurgen Klopp;
* Maurizio Sarri.
Each of them is a strong coach. It was Sarri who managed to strengthen Liverpool in the summer. He signed Sadio Mané from the Italian Serie A. The Spanish player has already played for the first team.
Now the team looks more confident. They have a great lineup. The defense is strong, as well as the attack. This allows the team not to give up points.
Liverpool is the favorite of all the tournaments, because of the following reasons:
* Great lineup;
The team is very motivated.
* Good results in the domestic arena.
Despite the fact that the teams are not at their best, they managed to achieve a good result.
How will the teams play in this season? Will the teams be able win gold?
This year, the teams have not been at their peak. This fact is another proof that the tournament is long and the leaders have to play a lot.

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