£55m bid from Man United for Chelsea target?

Manchester United are ready to make a big money transfer to sign a new star player, but the Blues are also ready to sell a player, in order to reduce the cost of the deal.

The club has been trying to sign Eden Hazard for a long time, but it seems that the Belgian will not be able to leave the club.
The Belgian has already won the champion title with Chelsea, and he also won the Europa League.
However, the Belgian has not been able to win the Premier League title for a number of years, so the Red Devils are ready for a big transfer.
Manchester City has been interested in signing the Belgian for a while, but they are not interested in such a big deal. The club is ready to pay a high price for a player who is not able to play in the Champions League. The price of the player is around £35 million.
United will have to pay the same amount for Hazard, but he is not the only player the Red devils are interested in. They are also interested in buying a player from the Championship, which is a little bit higher.
If the Red Devil’s are ready, they can sign the player for the price of about £20 million. This is a lot, but if the player can play in a different league, the price will be lower.
Will the Red-and-Blues make a transfer?
The Blues have been trying for a few years to sign Hazard, who is considered one of the best players in the world. The Belgian is able to score a lot of goals, and the club is willing to pay for him.
Hazard is not a player that can be bought for a low price, so if the Red and Blues are ready with such a deal, then they will be able not only to sign the Belgian, but also to sign other players who can help the club in the long run.
In the last season, the Blues managed to win a number one position in the English Premier League, which was not possible without the help of the players who played for the team.
Chelsea has a number 1, and it is not going to stop at that. The team is ready for any kind of challenge, and they are ready not to lose the title to Manchester City.
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